Eye Conditions

Eye looking upwards
Our most precious sense organs are our eyes. Prevention and early intervention are the most effective approaches, but with the correct combination of acupuncture protocols which specifically target eye function, the appropriate supplements, and lifestyle changes, real improvements are frequently seen in more serious eye conditions.
Eye conditions treated:
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Retinitis Pigmentosa
  • Dry Eyes
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Stargardt’s Syndrome
  • Glaucoma
  • Optic Neuritis
  • Optic Nerve Atrophy
  • Retinal Occlusion
It is important to understand that treatment for these conditions is management of the condition, not a cure, as, in fact, for many of these conditions there currently is no cure. A successful treatment of these conditions would look like a halt to the progression, a gradual reversal of the progression, or, at the very least, a slowing of the rate of progression of symptoms. Improvements in vision may be seen in vision tests, such as being able to read more lines on a chart, seeing objects more clearly and an increase in visual field. How successful a treatment programme is, and indeed, how long the improvements last following treatment course will depend on other factors such as progression of the disease prior to commencing treatment, other health conditions, lifestyle, nutrition, activity levels and stress levels.

So, you’re interested in starting treatment; what’s next?

We do a consultation to find out more about your condition, health and lifestyle before forming a treatment plan.  You will also have an eye test before starting treatment(no more than 2 weeks before starting treatment). To get the best results with degenerative conditions we will aim to complete the course of treatments in the shortest timeframe possible. 

More questions answered:

Can any acupuncturist deliver ophthalmic acupuncture?

No, ophthalmic acupuncture requires specialised ophthalmic acupuncture training. Helen completed her ophthalmic acupuncture training with specialist ophthalmic acupuncturist, Dr. Andy Rosenfarb, and is one of only a handful of practitioners in Ireland with this training.

Where on my body will the needles be placed?

Acupuncture needles for these treatments will mainly be placed on the hands and feet, with some face, arm, or leg points added as needed. Needles are never placed in the eye.

If your eye condition is not listed, please get in contact to find out if we can help.
If you are interested in treatment for your eye condition, please get in contact to arrange your free consultation here