Book Review: The Well Life: How to use Structure, Sweetness and Space to Create Balance, Happiness and Peace by Briana Borten and Peter Borten

This book is written by a husband and wife team, Peter & Briana; Peter is an acupuncturist and Briana is qualified in massage and Ayurvedic medicine(the traditional Indian medical system). Together they have opened and run three spas, a cafe and many more projects besides, as well as raising a family and finding time for self care, music, play, and friends.  In this book they show through their lived experience, anecdotes and analogies how they managed to life a happy, balanced life.  What sets this book apart is that it clearly shows you the steps to take to create your very own ‘Well Life’.  This book, at every step, will give you much to think about.  It has an excellent layout; they present the concepts of Structure, Sweetness and Space and with each topic come back to these concepts.

The book is divided into three sections: Foundation, Resources for Thriving, and Who are You and What do You Want? With each of these sections divided into different chapters.  This is a book to go through mindfully, slowly, to practice the actions, and return to and re-read.  Peter and Briana have crafted a wonderful text which I believe will help many people to create their own well lives, with greater health, happiness, abundance and peace.